Building Brighter Futures

Welcome to Virmani Public School. The mission of the school is to cater to the children of low- income people and providing them with quality education at a minimal cost for pupils aged 3- 12. The efforts are to ensure good quality education, and ensure that the students develop skills to become independent, creative, and a general view of events and trends in the society.

The days at the school starts with the morning assembly followed by aerobics and breathing exercises. To make school life more enjoyable, regular picnics and excursions are planned so that students can think and learn beyond the academic syllabus. The school offers a wide range of sports activities such as Wrestling, Gymnastics, Badminton, Table Tennis, VolleyBall, Zonal Level Sports Competition, Dodge Ball, and High Jump & Low Jump. We encourage students to be a part of any one of the sports because a child involved in sports activities learn to make logical and quick decisions in other areas of life as well. In 2018, the playground situated at the entrance of the principal office was revamped with rides and various flower species.

The teachers are well experienced and well versed in their subjects, and are always available to support the children in every possible way.

The strength of the students is 450 from class nursery to class eighth.

Zonal wrestling sub-junior boys won 2 Silver & 2 Bronze medals .


Various fun activities and workshops are organized for the students of all standards, regularly. The participation of students in the activities enhance their level of confidence, knowledge and personality development.


It is an annual event, where students from all the standards set up various games and food stalls. The event is held in the month of October every year. It is a much-needed break for the students from studies and provides them an opportunity to indulge in different activities.

The area where the event is held is decorated with huge charts and several craft items. The stalls keep the visitors entertained throughout. Some stalls have interesting games that mostly involve a single player. But some activities and games involve both parents and children. Therefore, parents spend quality time with their kids and strengthen their bond. All in all, Bal Mela is full of fun and entertainment.

School Annual Report Session (2022-23)
About the school objective :
We at Virmani Public School wish to provide the best quality learning to our students and the first step is providing the best possible infrastructure that can enable learning to happen in school. We want to create a conducive environment for learning where parents feel comfortable sending their children and where the children feel safe to learn.
The school building was constructed 50 years ago so with time it had developed a need for upgradation and revamp. So, we took care of all immediate repairs and maintenance needs at the school. A lot of money was utilized in upgrading infrastructure like installing of new windows, repairing old or damaged doors, replacing chalk boards with modern white boards.

  • Furthermore, we installed smart TV’s in all our classrooms to allow for more digital learning to happen.
  • Digital literacy being the need of today’s learning we setup a fully functional modern computer lab so that students can acquire the knowledge of computers.
  • To enhance the student’s engagement by using activity based materials the school bought STEM kits for students. These kits allow students to do simple science based activities in a group.
  • The unused area behind the main building was renovated by Anthill Playgrounds. It helped students to engage in multiple innovative activities and be joyful.
  • The school building is now fully wi-fi  enabled.

To make learning more interesting and pacing up with the constantly changing educational practices, the school welcomed 10 TFI fellows. The whole idea was to bridge the learning gap and foster a sense of community and collaboration within the school.

To make music more engaging and fascinating a resource person from Manzil Mystics was appointed this year. It provided a chance for our school students to learn musical instruments and to compose songs and record them.


To teach social emotional learning for the middle school students, the school collaborated with Theatre Shala – which provided workshops for children to express their emotions and hone their skills in drama.
Throughout the year the school organized various events, competitions like –

  • Earth Day  - April
  • Tree Plantation – July
  • Kargil Diwas – July
  • PTM’s -  Every month
  • Independence Day – August
  • Work shop on Hand –hygiene, Cyber – security – August
  • Hindi Diwas – September
  • Cleanliness Drive ( I to VIII)  - October
  • Field trip to National Science centre - October
  • Role Play Enactment ( VI to VIII)  - November
  • Fancy Dress Competition ( I to V)  - November
  • Doll Museum -  November
  •  Festival celebration


  • Health Mela : A two days medical and health check-up camp in association with Digiswasthya was organized in July22’.
  • Bal Mela was organised on 19th November2022 where students work had fun playing games, enjoying folk dance and showcased their Art and craft work. Ten prizes were given in lucky draw. The mela was attended by nearly 1400 people.
  • Sports day was held 7th February2023 in which students participated in drills and races. Medals and trophies were awarded to the winners. The Sports Day was attended by Mr. Anil Virmani, Mr. Amitav Virmani , Mr. Dileep Kumar and Mrs. Anju Wadhwa.

Zonal Level Competitions:

  • Like each year our school students participated in various zonal level competitions.

Utkarsh of Class VIII won II position in Hindi Declamation

  • Mayank of class VIII won II position in Hindi Slogan writing.