Mrs. Lakshmi Devi, Virmani Education Trust Abha
July 25, 2019
Independence Day celebration (2019) of Virmani Public School in Danik Jagaran newspaper
October 3, 2019

Mrs. Vibha, Virmani Education Trust Abha

Champion Abha Award

Mrs. Vibha, Virmani Education Trust Abha, was awarded the ‘Champion Abha’ title by Mr. Sanjay Banga, C.E.O. & MD, Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited.Prior to joining the Women Literacy Center and Abha Initiative, Vibha was frightened to move out of her house and was utterly dependent on her family to carry out basic day-to-day activities such as reading bus numbers, signing requisite documents, and most importantly she was unable to assist her children with studies.

After the enrollment at Women Literacy Center and Abha Initiative, she went through a tremendous change and came out as a fierce, tough, and powerful woman. Today, she travels to places to create awareness in the community regarding the various schemes of Tata Power- DDL with no fear. There were ups & downs in her life, but she summoned up all her energy and determination to embark on a voyage of challenges and empowerment. She is a true exemplar of a fighter!

Virmani Education Trust couldn’t have been prouder and we are jovial to see the women of our Trust reaching new heights of success.